MPE’s Quality in Turkish, Espresso, and Single Serve

Large industrial Turkish coffee grinding operation with MPE grinders
Industrial Turkish coffee grinding operation using MPE grinders

Modern Process Equipment was the first company to produce a modern Turkish coffee grinder in the mid 90s. Today, they produce around 90 per cent of the world’s industrial Turkish coffee grinders.

Daniel Ephraim, President of MPE, points out that no coffee trend requires greater precision than Turkish coffee grinding. In this front, MPE carries a strong standing, as the first company to build an industrial Turkish coffee grinder using modern technology 18 years ago.

“That really started a revolution,” says Ephraim. He notes that MPE currently produces around 90 per cent of the world’s industrial Turkish coffee grinders.

The main challenge in grinding Turkish coffee, Ephraim explains, is that every coffee bean must be divided into around 30,000 particles. Since MPE’s machines can grind at a capacity of 1000 kilograms of coffee an hour, this equates to an astounding 145 billion particles an hour.

“Because Turkish coffee is put directly into the water, of those billions of particles, we need to ensure there is not even one that is oversized, or it will float and result in a poor brew,” says Ephraim. “That’s a pretty big challenge.”

The advent of single-serve has posed an additional challenge to coffee roasters everywhere looking to take advantage of the fastest growing segment of the industry. Scott Will, Director of Sales for MPE, says that the refinement of single-serve systems, in terms of short brewing times and less coffee needed to brew each cup, has further limited the “room for error” in the grinding process.

“It’s the difference between walking on a tightrope versus an open sidewalk,” says Will. “You have to be perfect in your execution in grinding. You’re dealing with exact brewing times and very  small amounts of coffee in a fixed volume at high density. Everything has to line up perfectly.”

Ephraim standing with MPE’s flagship Vortex IMD 999 grinder

For this purpose, MPE has pioneered the patented ‘Vortex’ Normalizer. This device is able to increase the density of ground coffee by 100 per cent more than it’s normal capabilities. This means that capsule manufacturers can increase the strength of a brew – for instance, to brew espresso – without increasing the capsule size.

[This post is an excerpt of a promotional article originally published in Global Coffee Review in April of 2013]