Cable to Chain(-Vey) Retrofit

Cable disc conveyor to chain disc conveyor conversion

If your system experiences cable breakage when conveying your product, MPE’s Chain-Vey is a long-run cost-saving and risk mitigating solution. Chain-Vey’s superior strength chain design is now offered through a retrofit design to easily convert to a chain disc system, ensuring your conveyor never breaks down due to cable breakage. Another benefit is the eliminated risk of losing productivity while your tubular drag conveyor undergoes emergency repairs.

Briefly, the benefits of chain and pucks are that they are food-grade; the chain can be carbon steel or 301 stainless, and unlike a cable the chain doesn’t fray; the chain is roughly 10x the tensile strength of a cable, and because of this strength the system can start and stop under full-load; and lastly the chain itself can be an aesthetic improvement in process systems with clear tube casing (See: Ferris Coffee)

For installation, you can keep your existing piping and merely replace the drive unit, turnaround and cable with Chain-Vey components. There is very little downtime involved (and remember, unlike an emergency cable repair, this replacement is planned for and scheduled).

Reach out to one of our sales engineers who can walk you through this beneficial upgrade.