MPE Announces Quiet Pucks Available for All Tubular Conveying Systems

Quiet Pucks for tubular conveyors
Quiet Pucks shown in 6″, 5″, and 4″ sizes

As part of the MPE Cable to Chain(-Vey) Retrofit Program, MPE announces their proprietary new Quiet Puck is available for cable to chain retrofits and most other manufacturing systems. Now the increased reliability of MPE’s chain design is complimented with significant reductions in operating noise.

The Quiet Puck’s enhanced geometry and other design improvements reduce noise levels in challenging product applications by 50%, all while maintaining the impeccable standards of the FDA-approved material they are made of.

During testing for MPE’s latest installation, noise levels dropped 44 dB and power consumption reduced by 0.75 kW.

Quiet Pucks are available in 4”, 5” and 6” sizes.

Give our sales engineers a call to learn more about this upgrade.