The Mega 3 Chain-Vey. Perfect for Malt & Hops

Chain-Vey Tubular Drag Conveyor for Hops Conveying in Beer Production

The Chain-Vey is inherently efficient and powerful by design, and as such, these properties make it well suited for large brewery operations. However, for a lot of craft brewers who rely on the cleanliness and precision of our tubular conveyor systems, even the smallest 4″ diameter tube conveyor can be overkill in terms of capacity. And for up-and-coming brewers with limited capital, affordability can never be too overstated a consideration.

At MPE we’ve never forgotten when we were a smaller company too.

For those who need something on a little smaller scale and budget, we’ve got something we think fits the bill (pun intended) perfectly. Introducing the littlest 3″ sibling of the Chain-Vey® family—the Mega 3—which packs a major punch with its ultra-strong chain and efficient design, but at about 25% less the cost. Its smaller 8,000 lbs/hr conveyance capacity is perfect for many craft brewers. And it uses 80% less energy than a comparable pneumatic system with unparalleled reliability, so the day-to-day cost of operating means your accountant will hardly know it’s running. Frankly, that’s how it should be; a great tubular conveyor system should work so well that it’s the smallest thing on anybody’s mind (or electricity bill).

Does the Mega 3 Chain-Vey fit in your budget and capacity needs? Give a sales engineer a call.