Making a high-quality cold brew product? You’re going to want a GPX

Limitless Coffee & Tea‘s bottled cold brew coffee is ground using an MPE GPX grinder

Cold brew coffee takes time, patience, and most importantly, the perfect grind. MPE designed the industrial-grade GPX and GPC-140 coffee grinders to meet the demands of small batch cold brew makers looking to brew the best quality product.

The precision disc-style GPX and GPC-140 grinders are designed for capacities of 200 – 1,000lbs/hr and run continuously without diminished grind accuracy. The GPX uses 5.5 inch diameter “diamond hard” grinding discs that are precision-cut to optimize cutting action with infinite adjustment control, resulting in a cool, uniform coffee grind for optimal brew performance. The GPC uses larger 7.1 inch diameter discs for greater volume.

Consistent grind is critical when steeping for long periods of time, and can influence the quality of the coffee you serve. Ensuring grind uniformity, in combination with cold brew steeping methods will ultimately deliver the smooth, round taste identified in a truly well-made cold brew beverage.

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