Gemini Series Model IMD 779.2 Coffee Capsule Granulizer for engineering the perfect grind


MPE announces the Gemini Series Model IMD 779.2 Coffee Capsule Granulizer with variable roll speed ratios for achieving the strongest particle size distribution for coffee pods, pads, and capsules. The Gemini has Independent Motor Drives for each roll, allowing customizable roll speed ratios ranging from 1:1 to 1:4 to yield particle size distribution differentials engineered for each application. Its automated recipe-driven control system provides the repeatability of all parameters and grind characteristics. The Gemini is the pinnacle of precision capsule grinding equipment and ultimate grind control.

Gemini graph

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SaltWorks Hits Accurate Particle Sizes, Reduces Production Cost

SaltWorks® is a sea and mineral salt company located in Woodinville, Washington producing a range of specialty salts for wholesale customers and consumers. In addition to their selection of popular salts, they also produce custom salts with customer-selected characteristics—not the least of which is grain size. SaltWorks is unique within its market because of its economies of scale in producing high quality salts.

SaltWorks’ Needs

SaltWorks reached out to MPE because their previous grinder was not doing a great job and translated to higher production costs for two reasons:

  • A high number of fines up to 25% meant more product was needed for yields of a desired grain size. While excess fines were still valuable for use in other products, processing them a second time required extra inventory and labor
  • Switching between Himalayan pink salts and white sea salts require cleanings to ensure purity and integrity. However manually cleaning their old grinder was a laborious and inefficient process

For these reasons, plant managers wanted to find a grinder that could reliably achieve a lower fines rate and integrate into SaltWorks’ existing environmentally conscious clean-in-place (CIP) system.

MPE’s Solution

MPE engineered a custom IMD 79 Gran-U-Lizer for SaltWorks (model IMD79) with two roller stages, affording an ideal amount of control and precision in the particle size reduction process. The programmable logic controller (PLC) allows operators to electronically set grind size and improve consistency across all products. Additionally the IMD79’s 4 rolls were made out of stainless steel and therefore can be wet washed as part of SaltWorks’ CIP system.


SaltWorks’ IMD79 grinder fully integrates within their automated process system by use of an MPE designed and programmed PLC

SaltWorks production managers are now experiencing a fines rate of only 2-3%. Their two-stage electronically controlled gap adjustment grinder allows for nimble transitioning between orders of varying grain sizes—with repeatable accuracy. Plant managers have never been happier when it comes to particle size reduction.

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Activated Carbon Gran-U-Lizer™

Activated Carbon Grinding Graph
Extremely precise and accurate results of particle size uniformity using MPE’s IMD-888 Gran-U-Lizer

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